DIVERGENT REALMS Playing Cards Vol. 1: GOTTLIEB. World control through mind control

More than a year ago he surprised us with an original vision of Greek mythology in Primordial. Now, Costa Pantazis insists on demonstrating his passion and talent on creating playing cards with more than a new deck, actually, a new series: DIVERGENT REALMS: VOL 1 – GOTTLIEB.

Costa teams up again with Charles Adi (Blackout Brother) in the first of a series of six limited and highly exclusive decks. The inspiration behind these decks is very varied and also very original since it takes references from the world of mystery, pseudosciences and the supernatural.



This first deck is dedicated to Sidney Gottlieb, an American chemist who participated in the clandestine CIA mind control program known as Project MK-Ultra, and who went down in espionage history as the “Black Sorcerer” and the “Dirty Trickster” for being an expert in poisons.

Based on this character, the illustrations are an allegory to the conspiracy theories according to which secret organizations formed by powerful and influential people will create, through a single and global government, a new world order based on authoritarianism and the culture of fear . Mind control would be, in this context, a powerful tool to subjugate society and direct them towards a single thought.



The artist’s style is reflected in cards with a strong symbolic charge, of which two versions have been made with the same graphics and different color combinations: Revealed and Concealed, in red and blue respectively.



The eye-catching tuck cases will be embellished with embossing, foils and inner printing.



In addition to the two standard editions, two limited editions with red and blue gilding will be made. A unique collector’s item.




Printing will be done by the USPCC in limited and numbered print-runs. The creator ensures that the decks will be available exclusively during the campaign and will not be available in retailers later.



It is a unique deck collection, with original inspiration and impeccable graphic execution. If you want them, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!