TIME IS MAGIC Playing Cards. Time magically flies before your very eyes

Gary Sumpter is a passionate magician who has made magic his way of life for three decades. Based in Essex (UK) he has designed, produced and sold a huge amount of magic items in his online store Ace Magic Studio. Now, Gary wants to convey his passion for card magic to us through these interesting cards: TIME IS MAGIC.

Time is Magic uses some elements already seen in other decks but wisely combined to achieve an elegant and original result inspired by the inexorable passing of time and the all the magic it involves.



As a magician, Gary wanted to preserve the traditional scheme to make the card perfectly recognizable. However, to make them more customized, the faces include a soft background, like a watermark, to make them nicer without overdecorating. In addition, the indexes have been replaced by a small clock whose hands mark the value of the card providing an interesting flip-bok animation.



The aces show illustrations with steampunk-inspired mechanisms.



This flip-book animation effect has also been applied on the back, with different “moving” parts in a very elaborate design reminiscent of the complex mechanism of a clock.



The gears, essential elements in this design, are also the protagonists of the jokers.



Such a refined edition deserved a matching tuck case. This way, a gold foil makes the watch dials, which are depicted in careful designs everywhere, shine even more.



The British company, Ivory Graphics, will print two limited editions of this deck with the classic colors red and blue. The decks will include two gaff cards. Gary has previously worked with this printer and ensures high quality materials and finishes.

The campaign is almost funded. It needs one last push to get it so, if you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!