CARDEMONIUM Playing Cards. A 666% evil deck

This is one of those occasions when Max Playing Cards recovers the essence of its creation many years ago. The passion for playing cards collection finds a special sense in those decks that have been created by the pure pleasure to create, outside of the market and the satisfaction of a growing and worrying escalation of speculation to which many (and almost always the “most important” ones) creators have ended up succumbing. There are people in the world whose talent transcends their own creations and whose works have a deep sense far beyond inks, papers and limited editions. This is the case of Andreas “Andi” Joska (Maschina), experienced illustrator and linocut artisan. His overflowing imagination has led him to realize incredible projects such as the creation of an own printing technique (Brazygraphy) to bend Rorschach patterns creating interesting prints on T-shirts or the “recycling” of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” by cutting all its letters (one by one) and recomposing them in a huge cookbook. His new contribution to the world of cards is CARDEMONIUM.



This deck is simply disturbing. The linocut technique has served as the design style of some demonic cards, in which creatures of the underworld show the worst evils but, above all, the great fears and weaknesses of the human being.

Thus, the different suits depict figures that represent war, death, greed and fanaticism. The court cards have symmetrical designs created specifically for the deck. The color scheme, given the technique used, is completely monochromatic using solid black and red.



To allow a downside card highlight among the faces, the back will use the same linocut style but with an intense green color.



The customization is complete and even allows a few backers to be immortalized as evil creatures in the jokers.



The deck will be printed by ASS Altenburger, the German subsidiary of Carta Mundi. in a limited edition.

Furthermore, as stretch goal, a special gilded edition will be made.



If you like it do not hesitate, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!