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16 January

DEMONOLOGIE Playing Cards. It’s evil! … but it’s good

Inspired by ancient civilizations, old manuscripts and ancestral paintings, Emmanuel Valtierra has always offered us a very personal vision of millenary cultures. After five successful campaigns in which he has created a total of six decks, Emmanuel launches his new creation: DEMONOLOGIE.     Each of the court cards in the deck is dedicated to a character linked to evil. Demons, fallen angels or malignant creatures decorate the faces with an old book style and that well-known colorful touch of…

15 April

HellsGate Deck. The Selfsame Satan’s Playing Cards

  After showing us the beautiful and disturbing creatures of the Chinese mythology in Sishou, Alvin Cheung brings us a new deck inspired by the Devil: Hellsgate. Alvin makes use of his talent to design a demonic reinterpretation of the poker cards where everything refers to malignant elements: skulls, horns, spirits… all are present in an intricate and full of evil energy design.     Legends Playing Card Company will be responsible for printing the two editions released in this…

30 June

Evil Deck. Funny vector monsters invade these playing cards

  This article is about a dream, a common dream in this “neighborhood”. Giovanni Meroni is a 31 years old web art director, vector illustrator and graphic designer. He spends the day working on e-commerce websites but he likes to work by night in his own illustration projects. This is one of those projects: Evil deck. He loves drawing crazy characters in vector style and this is exactly what he has done in this deck. The cards depict a funny and…