Evil Deck. Funny vector monsters invade these playing cards


This article is about a dream, a common dream in this “neighborhood”. Giovanni Meroni is a 31 years old web art director, vector illustrator and graphic designer. He spends the day working on e-commerce websites but he likes to work by night in his own illustration projects. This is one of those projects: Evil deck.

He loves drawing crazy characters in vector style and this is exactly what he has done in this deck. The cards depict a funny and colorist set of vector monsters and creatures inspired in the “evil”. He has been working on the designs along some months last year and when the deck was completed, he showed it to the card community receiving both compliments and feedback to improve the designs, what makes him keep working on it and the deck is almost finished.



But Giovanni’s dream is to make this deck real, and although he has thought about using crowdfunding, being outside the USA is a problem for him so his opportunity comes through a contest. This contest has been promoted by The Discourse, a well known Playing Card forum. The winner will see his/her creation printed by the Expert Playing Card Company and will receive 432 decks as the “prize”.

Let’s see what happens with this deck but I think it would be great this deck get printed as it is really original. Apart from the gallery, you can see the full setof cards in the official deck website.

Good luck!