TRIORA Playing Cards. The story of a bloody witch hunt

Following the success of his first project, Enuma, Claude Davi (Nemesis Factory) launches his second campaign: TRIORA.

Triora is a charming Italian village with less than 500 inhabitants, due to a strong depopulation after its destruction in World War II. In the 16th century it was the scene of a bloody story. Scourged by the plague and a terrible famine, which today is sensed was caused by the landowners of the time, the inhabitants of the region, unable to find a solution, sought a scapegoat for such misfortune and accused women of all kinds of aberrant actions including infanticide and cannibalism. At the end of the century, forty girls died accused of witchcraft, some under torture or burned at the stake. This unfortunate episode has popularized the name of Triora as that of the “Village of Witches”.

Claude, interested in Triora, has written a book about its truculent history and now, inspired by the most esoteric and fantastic aspects, launches a campaign where two editions of this deck are offered with names of poison: Belladonna and Stramonium. The faces in both editions are different and show the same scenes from two opposite perspectives. While Belladonna draws a completely normal costumbrist reality, Stramonium incorporates the demonic influence that brings witches, inquisition and a completely diabolical atmosphere to illustrations.



The backs have been made with different elements of esoteric symbology with staves, moon phases and references to the world of witches. The elaborate design will be printed with gold cold foil.



The tuck cases also have profuse decorations with elaborate elements, some taken from real places. The use of embossing and foils will make these tucks much more impressive.



The whole deck has been completely customized including the pips that depict graphic representations of both poisonous plants.



The decks will be printed by Legends Playing Cards Company.

The campaign offers several add-ons, like a special edition with a tarot and an interpretation guide inside a luxurious case, the book written by Claude and mentioned above and some items made of wood like an ouija and different cases for the cards.



A very complete campaign that you can know better on the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!