PARAMOUR Playing Cards. The love deck of fairy tales

Jacks and Jokers is the result of a long process in which card fans take their passion for collecting to the creation of an online store to offer awesome decks. The creation of their own deck was also a dream that can become a reality with PARAMOUR.

Paramour is a classic-inspired deck, with characters from fairy tales and traditional love stories. The knights, the kings and the queens are exactly that, drawn with colorful delicacy. The characters are the protagonist of their own histories and they form together a beautiful group that completely customizes the traditional faces.



Natural forms have been created as decorative elements that fill everything. The back, the tuck case and the aces are made by highly ornate compositions. The numbered cards, indexes and pips have been subtly customized to preserve the essence of classic cards and make this deck perfect for games, magic and, of course, collection.



Two editions with color change in blue and red will be created. Given the very limited number of decks (only 100 of each color), they will be printed in an Italian local printer on 330gsm paper with matt varnish. In addition, the decks will be numbered in the seal.

If you like them, keep in mind that all the pledge levels include free worldwide shipping so visit the project website and raise your contribution to make it happen.

Good luck!