Wild West Playing Cards. The decks that will cross the Mississippi

The nineteenth century was a particularly convulsive time during the expansion of the border of the United States of America towards the Pacific Ocean coast. The colonization meant an big technological advance and a fundamental historical fact in the development of the United States but, at the same time, a bloody exploitation and oppression of ethnic minorities. This historical process has been the inspiration of all kinds of artistic expressions, headed by the Western movies genre. Playing cards design could not be less and there have been several artists who have used it for their illustrations. The most recent of these creations are the WILD WEST decks.



Produced by SVI Group, after succesfuly launched and distributed two campaigns with increasing success, the cards have been illustrated with a traditional comic style, pale colors, aged-looking backgrounds and the most traditional symbols of the genre. The details in the design have been carefully treated and the most well-known references of the epic and historical characters have also been depicted.

Two completely different editions have been created for the project. The Gunfighters Edition represents the American colonizers, with their weapons and their typical clothes. The Indian Warriors Edition shows the characters of the best known Indian tribes, from the Apaches to the Navajos, with their typical clothes and custom pips following the style of the Navajo symbolism.



The tuck cases have been decorated like printed on wood with embossing and a beautiful collector’s box has been created covered with a material that looks like leather also embossed and foiled.



The printing will be developed by Smart Playing Cards Company (SPCC), the same that produced SVI’s previous decks.

The campaign is already funded so, if you like these decks, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!