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30 June

Evil Deck. Funny vector monsters invade these playing cards

  This article is about a dream, a common dream in this “neighborhood”. Giovanni Meroni is a 31 years old web art director, vector illustrator and graphic designer. He spends the day working on e-commerce websites but he likes to work by night in his own illustration projects. This is one of those projects: Evil deck. He loves drawing crazy characters in vector style and this is exactly what he has done in this deck. The cards depict a funny and…

08 August

Bicycle 4 Jokers transformation deck. All its secrets… revealed

    This is not the first time I talk about Man Made Games works on playing cards. Here you have their last work: Bicycle 4 Jokers deck. This is a transformation deck where all the characters in the cards (excepting, of course, the joker cards) are jokers. The artwork has been carefully made and the result is amazing.     The concept began with an admiration of jokers in classic, modern and unusual decks.  They wanted to depict four…