THE GOLDEN AGE OF GOLF Playing Cards. The vintage flavor of the best swing

I am pleased to share with you a new deck that has just been released: THE GOLDEN AGE OF GOLF.

This is the first deck inspired by golf depicted in the entire history of Max Playing Cards. It has been designed by a Spanish colorist, illustrator and writer, Jay M. Guerrero, whose passion has led him to this complex but exciting world of playing cards design. As a great golf aficionado, Jay has created a completely customized deck, with original designs, illustrating the world of golf in the mid-20th century.

The court cards portray notable men and women of golf through illustrations inspired by black and white photographs up to a century old. Great award-winning legends like Arnold Palmer or Harry Vardon show up at their best hit. With a very personal style, details and backgrounds create a captivating atmosphere.



The numbered cards respect the traditional structure with fully customized pips that are displayed as golf balls on subtle backgrounds.



Aces pay tribute to great championship trophies that perpetuate their glory and timelessness.



Two identical jokers show a golf ball wearing a jester’s hat.



The back is a highly dynamic symmetrical composition of golf clubs and balls on a green and gold geometric background.



The tuck case is a tribute to the professionals who competed for victory, fame and glory, despite the low income that the practice of this sport represented at that time. The large ace of spades on the front is a symbol of that golden age.



In addition, during the campaign, it is possible to get a digital artbook with historic facts and features and all the illustrations of the court cards in A3 detailed printable high-resolution format with details in A3 size. During the first days of the campaign, this book will be free to everyone who support the project.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC on their traditional high quality paper and air-cushion finish in a very limited print run. The campaign prices are fabulous, specially getting rewards of several decks.

If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge

Good luck!