CLOCKWORK LA VILLE LUMIERE Playing Cards. Art Nouveau clock in motion

One of the most successful card designs by Stephen W. Brandt (Swabbed Decks) was the Clockwork Empire City deck. After its distribution a few days ago, the positive feedback on the result have led the artist to revisit the concept and launch a new campaign: CLOCKWORK LA VILLE LUMIERE.

Produced under the new seal fig. 23, this deck offers a completely different illustration approach to its predecessor and is inspired by Art-Nouveau style. This modern vision of art in Europe (specifically in France) of the early twentieth century with a new aesthetic inspired by nature, materializes in the designs of these cards.



Inspired by a large clock and its mechanism, the designs use golden tones and organic shapes that wrap the elements of a traditional deck.



As in Stephen’s previous creations, this is a work in motion. The faces contain different elements in each card that work together in a flip-book animation. Thus, the gears move the whole complex mechanism of the clock while the crow of fig.23 logo boosts the flight.


A quality design, with the quality printing of the USPCC in a campaign that also offers free worldwide shipping.

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Good luck!