Received the last deck (Extraordinary Voyages) by BentCastle. New release of Pippoglyph II deck


BentCastle has produced really nice decks along last years. The whole collection is formed by four different decks:

  • Pippoglyph: a reinterpretation of the classic poker deck.
  • Pegleg Pete’s deck of Royal Rogues: a pirate themed poker deck (in two colors, black and red)
  • Living Dead: a zombie themed set of two decks
  • Deck of the Extraordinary Voyages: a Steampunk themed deck (in two colors, red and blue).



I have received recently the Deck of the Extraordinary voyages. From my point of view, the nicest one they have created.



These two decks have completed my BentCastle decks collection so you can see the whole set of decks in this photo.



At the end of this post, you can find a long pic with all the creations with some cards samples.


Pippoglyph II deck



Taking advantage of their experience in the playing cards production, BentCastle have decided to create their fifth deck, a reprint of their very first deck, the Pippoglyph II deck, slightly redesigned and printed by the USPCC, to ensure the highest card quality.


They will release the Pippoglyph II deck in two colors: green and brown. You can go and pledge for this deck on the project website.



I wish Ben, Chris and his crew the very best luck in this and all upcoming projects.


You can also buy their decks (see below) in BentCastle official website.