EMPIRE ‘Bloodlines’ Playing Cards. Daring, courageous and strong


After working with Ellusionist on popular deck designs like  “Arcane“, “Artifice“, “Infinity” or “Fathom” , Lee McKenzie begun his own solo venture with the Empire deck.  Such a talented artist and designer, couldn’t have a better beginning and Empire was a total success.

Thanks to that success, he decided to create his own company, Kings and Crooks, and he is launching his new deck: Empire “Bloodlines”.

Although inspired on the same story, Lee has completely redesigned the deck and has created an amazing set of cards. Strong, elegant, nice… art in every corner, this deck is what his creator represents: dedication and love for well-done things.

This will be THE deck for magicians, collector, cardists and card lovers in general. In less than five days the $37K funding goal is almost reached so the rest of the campaign will be simply amazing. This time, Lee has also released a fantastic add-on he couldn’t make in the Empire campaign: The Warrior Card Armour, It is much more than a card guard clip. It is a strong warrior face that gives the deck protection and even more power.

There will be two standard editions of this deck in two colors: royal blue and emerald green. You can’t miss it so visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!