Songs of Experience Playing Cards. Inspired by William Blake’s work


William Blake was an English painter, poet and printmaker. Although largely unrecognized during his lifetime, he is now considered a essential artist of the Romantic Age. Songs of Experience deck is inspired by one of his best known works.

Created by no-reply design, each card features original artwork, closely following Blake’s own imagery and style, using oil-based inks and watercolors.



Following their previous campaigns philosophy, the deck will be quite limited, with just around 300 decks produced. A set of limited decks will be signed and numbered and will come with a certificate of authentication in a wooden card. There will be also 10 special decks with a hand-painted tuck box, something really unique.

Being a limited production, it will be printed by a small company, that will be chosen by the backer in a poll late into the project.

If you want of these decks, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!