The Black Book Manifesto. Let your personality join to the artistic movement


They created Black Book of Cards, an inspiring work and something completely new on typographic cards. Now, Sara and Scott (Uncommon Beat), go beyond that idea reinventing their own project with a new deck of cards: The Black Book Manifesto.

This is something more than a deck of cards, it is something they have defined as an artistic movement. The idea is to convert this deck into something created by the own backers that will be, at the same time, the seed for a new series of artist decks.

Starting from the point that each one of us is linked to a specific card in the poker set, each backer will be able to choose the word that better define himself or herself. All the words will be integrated in each card using the nice typographic designs already defined.



After that, the words used for each card will be the inspiration for a group of artists to create new artwork for future decks that will form the Black Book Artist series.

This is a fantastic way to involve their backers into the own creation process and make them part of every card. The cards will be printed by the USPCC in two editions, one Bicycle branded and one unbranded.

I have to admit I love this deck and also all the philosophy behind it. I am really anxious to see not only this deck but also the designs that it will inspire to talented creators. Enjoy the gallery of images and if you like the idea and the deck, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!