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14 July

The Black Book Manifesto. Let your personality join to the artistic movement

  They created Black Book of Cards, an inspiring work and something completely new on typographic cards. Now, Sara and Scott (Uncommon Beat), go beyond that idea reinventing their own project with a new deck of cards: The Black Book Manifesto. This is something more than a deck of cards, it is something they have defined as an artistic movement. The idea is to convert this deck into something created by the own backers that will be, at the same time, the seed…

03 September

The Black Book of Cards. A new concept of typographic Deck

    After the successfully completed Urban Punk deck project, my friends from Uncommon Beat, Sara and Scott, give us a completely different and amazing idea: The Black Book of Cards.     This is, in fact, a typographic deck, but not the one we are used to see. All you can see in this design is a set of stunning shapes and portraits made by letters and words in an incredible composition. In this deck, every card is a…