EMINENCE Playing Cards. A classic but casual gold and silver design

After his adventures with loggers in Lumberjacks, Vadim Smolenskiy presents his new deck: EMINENCE.

Although the style of the artist is present in this new design, Eminence is a significant change of register because it has a more classical inspiration and the use of metallic inks will enhance the elegance of a very elaborate work.




While the inspiration comes from the classic cards, the court has been completely redesigned with a fresh and more casual characters and new accessories. However, the deck keeps the traditional spirit and is perfect for players and cardists for its cleanliness, indexes and pips.



There will be two editions of the deck: GOLD and PLATINUM. 1000 decks of each will be made in a very limited print-run. Both will share the same design but Gold Edition will use metallic gold ink on card back and faces while the Platinum Edition will mix gold and silver metallic inks. Both will be printed by Legends Playing Card Company and will include extras in the tuck cases such as inner printing, embossing and foil.



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Good luck!