THE LAST LEGION Playing Cards. The epic war between angels and humans

In a world in chaos, 25 years after God’s vanishing and the war between the human race and the fallen angels headed by the Archangel Gabriel, the higher Archangel Michael decided to help the mankind fighting against Gabriel. This interesting post-apocalyptic story is the inspiration for the latest deck by Natalia Silva:  THE LAST LEGION.



For the second time after Avalon, Natalia teams up with Magdalena Korzeniewska to create some very special cards, with beautiful and completely original illustrations. As in two sides of a battle, white and black angels are depicted in the court cards. A silent expression, with restrained emotion, deep faces that hide centuries of struggle and secrets.



A beautiful illustration style customizes the whole deck, from pips to jokers and, of course, the back, that unlike the almost monochromatic faces, show a colorful scene with symmetries and symbolism of an epic battle.



The USPCC will print a limited edition of 1500 decks and, during the campaign, a second edition is offered, much more limited to the number of backers, with a spectacular tuck case that hides the cards inside a winged body.



A deck born of Natalia’s passion for design and Magdalena’s illustration talent that I hope will go on offering us such beautiful creations. If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!