KNUCKLE HEAD Playing Cards. The deck where the characters come to life

Mark Ludy is a talented artist. His ability to communicate through his drawings has led him to success in many illustration works. Inspired by his own story and his desire to create something different, he has decided to embark on the adventure of playing cards design with KNUCKLE HEAD.

Since childhood, Mark has felt the cards as a family fun tool with fond memories and he wanted to give the traditional deck his own vision in which the court characters are brought to life and tell their own story. With that inspiration and his art, Mark has managed to create a very fun and optimistic deck with cool designs. The drawings are colorful and plenty of details and decorations.



Mark has designed two different editions, black and white, with different backs and tuck cases. Through his experience as a creator of other printed articles, Mark looks for the quality to produce a deck that meets the expectations of his backers. For this reason, his first option is the Chinese Wangjing printing company, although depending on the project progress, he does not rule out valuing other options as long as they can offer some interesting added value. He is also preparing stretch goals that will make this campaign an authentic delight to enjoy.



Enjoy the designs and, if you like them, visit the project website to raise your pledge.

Good luck!