Oracle Playing Cards. If ectoplasms were playing poker, this would be their deck


Chris Ovdiyenko surprised us with his magnificent and successful Calaveras and now he strikes back with a new and interesting proposal: Oracle deck.

If Chris played with death interpreted by the Mexican tradition in his previous deck, now he does it again with Oracle from its spiritual point of view.

This is a paranormal deck, full of mystery and spiritualism. The details of the tuck case show typical para-science elements like the Ouija symbols and letters and a disturbing figure of a winged skeleton.

Each suit of cards will be devoted to a different theme: seance, ectoplasm, automatic writing and spirit photography.

The number cards have a circle organization, something very original and very related to the deck’s theme.

The deck will be printed by USPCC and Chris hasn’t revealed stretch goals yet so we don’t know if there will be a Bicycle branded deck like in Calaveras project.

More information and pledges on the project’s website.

Good luck and GOOD BYE!