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01 January

Arcana deck. Hand-illustrated playing cards inspired by Tarot divination cards

  Chris Ovdiyenko is one of those artists that always surprises us in his creations without losing a very personal style fruit of a deep passion for his work. He just released his latest creation: Arcana. After playing with ghosts and dead in Oracle and Calaveras, Chris does not abandon entirely the esoteric in this new deck inspired by tarot cards. The Tarot Rider-Waite-Smith deck has been taken by Chris as his main source of inspiration. The Tarot Rider was created in…

04 November

The premonition is fulfilled: Oracle will be Bicycle TOO

  Some days ago, I talked about the Oracle deck, by Chris Ovdiyenko. I wondered then if Chris would make, as in his previous work, a Bicycle branded version of his deck and … he did it. This mysterious deck now has its Bicycle twin, but it doesn’t come alone. This is a Luxury Limited Edition with metallic ink and embossed tuck case, a double sided wooden mini-spirit board with authenticity and edition number on back, and an antique copper-finish…

14 October

Oracle Playing Cards. If ectoplasms were playing poker, this would be their deck

  Chris Ovdiyenko surprised us with his magnificent and successful Calaveras and now he strikes back with a new and interesting proposal: Oracle deck. If Chris played with death interpreted by the Mexican tradition in his previous deck, now he does it again with Oracle from its spiritual point of view. This is a paranormal deck, full of mystery and spiritualism. The details of the tuck case show typical para-science elements like the Ouija symbols and letters and a disturbing…

14 June

Bicycle Calaveras. The mexican revolution and the Day of the Dead

  The traditional Day of the Dead is the inspiration of this amazing deck by Chris Ovdiyenko: the Bicycle Calaveras. Chris pays tribute to the work of Jose Posada, a famous nineteenth-century Mexican paintmaker involved in the revolutionary movement, and reinterprets his work in a set of cards full of original designs. In addition to the cards, Chris offers among its rewards some beautiful signed and numbered xylographies (woodcuts) depicting the artwork used in the deck. They are unique pieces for…