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01 June

BICYCLE ARMAGEDDON Playing Cards. The future in ruins in the hands of fierce survivors

Will Roya ( continues working with designers from all over the world to create original and quality decks with a great price. All of his previous campaigns have reached the goal and the company already has more than a dozen decks of their own production. Now, Will brings us their latest creation: BICYCLE ARMAGEDDON.     Illustrated with a comic style by the Greek artist Nick Rovakis, the deck shows us a post-apocalyptic world in which survival is the key. Each…

16 May

THE LAST LEGION Playing Cards. The epic war between angels and humans

In a world in chaos, 25 years after God’s vanishing and the war between the human race and the fallen angels headed by the Archangel Gabriel, the higher Archangel Michael decided to help the mankind fighting against Gabriel. This interesting post-apocalyptic story is the inspiration for the latest deck by Natalia Silva:  THE LAST LEGION.     For the second time after Avalon, Natalia teams up with Magdalena Korzeniewska to create some very special cards, with beautiful and completely original illustrations. As in…

03 May

BLACK MARKET Decks. Warning! The Apocalypse is here… let’s play cards

  Misery Development Ltd. (MDT) is a global team based in UK of about 12 hardcore devoted creatives, each with special skill sets. Directed by Nicolai Heering, they speak a lot of different languages as they are American, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Macedonian, Japanese, Danish and German, but they all have a common language: THE GAME. MDT created the award winning (and free) Stalker Misery mod, downloaded by more than 600.000 gamers worldwide. Since then, they have started a standalone, post-apocalyptic, visual novel game…