LUXX GREILLE Playing Cards. The most foiled of the LUXX series

LUXX Playing Cards is the premium playing cards range produced by JP Playing Cards (now JP GAMES).

LUXX GREILLE is the fourth deck in the series and the second time Rick Davidson becomes the artist behind this luxurious design. Following the previous works, Greille mixes the elegance of the traditional playing cards with a modern touch in geometrical patterns. Apart from the full customization of the faces, keeping the traditional playing cards schema, the main feature of these cards is the hot-stamped foil used for the backs, making them really stunning and bold.



Printed by Legends Playing Cards, there are two editions in Silver/Blue and Copper/Black. Quality and good handling, everything is bright on these decks. Only 1000 decks of each color have been produced and each deck is numbered in the seal.

If you want to get these cool cards, you can visit the JP GAMES website where you can choose between both colors or even get one paired set (both decks with the same number of the seal). You can even get a special set of 99 created that include a coin with the same number as the decks. Get them before they sell out!



Good luck!