DIAMONDS Playing Cards. An elegant and luxurious deck with metallic shines

After the succesful Four Beasts and Hellsgate campaigns, Alvin Cheung (Sishou Playing Cards) strikes back again with a beautiful and elegant new project: DIAMONDS

If his earlier creations were based on the legendary beasts in ancient China or the very evil forces, Diamond is a clean, elegant, simple but ornate deck with an interesting combination of colors that highlight even more the designs.




With this deck, Alvin combines the playability of traditional designs, with the beauty of collection cards. To this end, he has designed two different editions: White Diamonds and Black Collectors editions with two color schemes in white and black backgrounds and the use of gold and silver metallic inks on both sides of the cards, which will make them more interesting and shiny.



The decks will be printed (and never reprinted) in a limited number according the project needs by Legends Playing Card Company using, since it was to be expected, their Diamond finish.

There will be also a signature set which will include a signed, wax-sealed and numbered certificate inside a custom display box.


Diamonds_SignatureSet Diamonds_SignatureSetBox


Campaign tiers and prices are really interesting so visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!