JUGGLER MARBLE Playing Cards. The new deck by Julio Ribera

The joining together of magic and card flourishing is becoming increasingly popular. The growing interest by a very young audience to the cardistry discipline is flooding the market with a huge number of decks with colorful and striking designs. This interest has also generated a curious (and sometimes toxic) fever to get some of these decks that sometimes has insanely raised their price in secondary markets and whose new editions, with a simple change of the back color, have inflated this bubble even more.

Julio Ribera is a young Spanish creator who has been infecting his followers for several years with a big passion for magic and cardistry from his youtube channel. After the successful campaign of his first deck, he has just launched JUGGLER MARBLE.



With this deck, Julio wants to claim cardistry and magic decks can combine design, quality and also a competitive price. For that reason, he has completely renovated the aspect of the deck without falling into a simple color change to take advantage of his previous success.

Playing with colors and shapes, and after rejecting many ideas, Juggler Marble presents a deck with a nice monochromatic back and a set of cards that take the traditional pattern with subtle changes in pips and colors. Big aces, essential for magic routines, make this deck a perfect ally in card tricks, cardistry and, of course, a cool poker night.



Printed by Hanson Chien (HCPC) in a thin and durable paper (the popular “crushed finish”), the prices in the campaign are very reasonable so it has been a success funded in a few hours. You can even get a custom brick box pledging for 12 decks.



Several stretch goals have been offered, such as a traditional cut, a matte paper in the tuck or the inner printing. If you want to be part of it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!