DE NOVO Playing Cards. The deck that backs to the future in United Cardists 2018

In 2014, and following a renewed start-up of United Cardists, which is currently the largest community about playing cards, their first annual deck, Grotesque, was launched. They inaugurated the collaboration with great artists to create an annual icon of card design. Since then, Lotrek, Bona Fide and Edgy Brothers have created beautiful decks for this special celebration. Now, the new United Cardists 2018 annual deck has been released: DE NOVO.

There is a lot to be said about it, but we can start with the human beings behind that are already old friends of Max Playing Cards. Firstly, we have Mike Ratledge, the head of United Cardists and tireless in his projects to expand his passion for cards. Secondly we have the designer of De Novo, Rick Davidson, creator of the beautiful Origins series and collaborator in many other projects. Finally we have Lotrek, who will not play this time his usual role as an artist, but will be responsible for the first commissioned printing by Oath Playing Cards. An authentic winning trio for a deck that will make history.



Rick has always played with the past and the contemporary on his designs, trying to give his own vision of traditional playing cards. This time, he has done an interesting exercise of future view, in which he imagines himself in the distant time making his own interpretation of the old cards, that is, our contemporary cards. In this fun experiment the artist has created an elegant deck that bears his most characteristic signature and that tells, at the same time, a story of the future formed by power groups moved by intrigues, passion and beliefs.



Like all Rick’s previous works, the illustrations are beautiful and inspiring, with elegant shapes, intense but not flashy colors and a complete customization in each and every element of the design.



Two different editions have been created, Viridi and Aurum. With the same backs in different colors, the court cards not only change their colors but also present more detailed designs in Viridi and more schematic in Aurum, adapting to all kinds of aesthetic tastes.



The tuck cases are very luxurious, with foil stamp in green and gold respectively. Enjoy this 3D render of the Viridi tuck. Click on the image and discover all the details.


For the printing Rick has trusted Oath Playing Cards, who has been working for years in the perfect balance between luxury and handling. His main challenge is the large scale work and the use of the “Maestro” finish, a formula developed by Lotrek himself over the last 2 years that gives a smooth and silky handling to the cards. Lotrek will personally supervise the whole process from ink preparation to cutting. Knowing his perfectionism level, Rick can be very sure that the final product will be sublime.

In addition, on Saturday March 3rd (3PM EST), the creator will launch a very limited Signature Edition in the campaign, which will undoubtedly be very exclusive and a true collector’s item, with only 60 units of each deck, with a special tuck case signed, numbered, dated and sealed with a metallic label.

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Good luck!