EXPLORE Playing Cards. One more travel around the world


Harris Soetikno tried to fund this deck some time ago. Last time he couldn’t, but he comes back full of energy and a completely finished designs for the new Explore Playing Cards.

He got the inspiration of the project looking for places to visit during his holidays. There were so many choices and so little time to decide where to go that he thought a product that can actually help with this process would be rather handy.

The idea for Explore is to feature 52 different cities and destinations around the world. The designs made by Daniel Haire are quite different from other designs seen before. They are colorful and minimalist.

The cards are grouped in four categories, one per suit: modern architecture (spades), romantic (hearts), historical and cultural (clubs)  and popular cities (diamonds).

The overall design is modern and beautiful and the deck will be printed, if funded, by the USPCC in a limited edition based on backers’ pledges. The project also include new stretch goal features like the embossing of the tuck box or add-ons like tokens or uncuts.

Enjoy the image gallery and go to the project website to get more info and raise your pledge.

Good luck!