BICYCLE ROYALE Playing Cards. The bloody fight for a golden throne

The Signature Collection by Elite Playing Cards has always been made up of finely designed decks in which the details and elegance have set the standards for really striking finishes. A new member of this series has just been launched: ROYALE.

Inspired by the bloody battles of four families for the royal throne, the story is full of passion, power and blood. If there are two colors more linked to these terms are red and gold, and these are the two main colors in all design elements.



With that realistic and three-dimensional style that Elite has made so popular, the white backgrounds of the cards highlight even more the organic shapes made of shiny pure gold. A huge amount of detail in every corner recalls the symbology of the coat of arms and the mystery of the secret societies that hatch in the shadow.



Like the previous ones in the Signature Collection, the deck will be printed by the USPCC with the highest quality standards: Q1 printing, Magic finish and thinner crushed paper.

In addition to the standard edition, with a print-run of 3500 decks, there will be an ultra-limited limited edition of the Premium Gold decks, with gilded gold foil edges and completely customized with a numbered seal.



The campaign is widely funded so if you want to get it visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!