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26 February

DE NOVO Playing Cards. The deck that backs to the future in United Cardists 2018

In 2014, and following a renewed start-up of United Cardists, which is currently the largest community about playing cards, their first annual deck, Grotesque, was launched. They inaugurated the collaboration with great artists to create an annual icon of card design. Since then, Lotrek, Bona Fide and Edgy Brothers have created beautiful decks for this special celebration. Now, the new United Cardists 2018 annual deck has been released: DE NOVO. There is a lot to be said about it, but we…

10 October

AVANT-GARDE Playing Cards. Art-Deco and Art-Nouveau join in the UC 2017 deck

Experimental, radical, unorthodox… That’s how the vanguard is defined, something quite related to a team of good friends, the Edgy Brothers, that have just released their latest creation: AVANT-GARDE. But talking about friends, Avant-Garde is not only a creation of this nice people, but it is also the deck chosen by another group of awesome friends, United Cardists, as the 2017 Fifth Annual Deck. Remember United Cardists is a wisdom reference in the playing cards world that have already released four official decks: Bicycle…

20 September

NOUVEAU Playing Cards. The definitive campaign of the UC 2016 Deck

The time has come, and the best predictions are fulfilled for NOUVEAU. I talked about it a few weeks ago when I announced that it would become the United Cardists 2016 Official Deck. At that time I interviewed its creator, Karin Yan (Bona Fide Playing Cards) and its producer, Mike Ratledge (United Cardists), who gave me details about the next future. The project is already a reality, and after the first day of campaign, the deck is almost funded, breaking an unpleasant…

12 July

NOUVEAU Playing Cards. United Cardists 2016 deck. The beginning of a happy end

  The followers of Max Playing Cards know this deck very well. I have already spoken several times about NOUVEAU Playing Cards and I even used it as an example of the unpredictability of crowdfunding in Kickstarter where decks that deserve to be printed, are not able to get it. The end of the story of this deck is a happy ending. It was for me a real satisfaction to know that NOUVEAU will become the deck of the year…

02 November

Delirium Playing Cards. The Delirium Tremens vector deck

  Giovanni Meroni, creator of the Evil Deck, the winner of The Discourse deck contest this year, has just launched his last crazy deck: Delirium. Giovanni is a master of the vector illustration and he has designed something new, fresh and really funny. Delirium is a modern deck inspired in the classic french playing cards and it inaugurates the new branch of playing cards created by artist: Thirdway Industries.     The deck will be printed by EPCC and it has…

24 February

The best decks of 2013. United Cardists Hall of Fame

  United Cardists is formed by a group of amazing people interested on playing cards and one of the most active forum where you can find almost everything related to any cardistry aspect. After picking up all the community votes, the list of the best deck of 2013 has been published. For that purpose, 17 categories were defined, and three winners for each category have been declared. The 18th category is for “The best deck”. These are the categories: Best Ace…