The best decks of 2013. United Cardists Hall of Fame


United Cardists is formed by a group of amazing people interested on playing cards and one of the most active forum where you can find almost everything related to any cardistry aspect.

After picking up all the community votes, the list of the best deck of 2013 has been published. For that purpose, 17 categories were defined, and three winners for each category have been declared. The 18th category is for “The best deck”. These are the categories:

  1. Best Ace of Spades
  2. Best Back Design
  3. Best Court Cards
  4. Best Pips
  5. Best Jokers
  6. Best Deck Series (at least one release this year)
  7. Best Gaff Card (not gaff decks, eg. Gaff System)
  8. Best Use of Colors
  9. Best Deck for Flourishing
  10. Best Deck for Fanning
  11. Best Deck for Magic
  12. Best Uncut Sheet
  13. Best Tuck Box
  14. Best Packaging (not tuckbox, ie Brick-boxes, Wooden Cases, etc)
  15. Best Deck Accessory: (Coins, Chips, dice, etc)
  16. Best Innovation on a Deck of Playing Cards
  17. Best Kickstarter Campaign
  18. BEST 2013 DECK

The voting system developed for the occasion is not only to choose the best decks, but also serves as a contest were the users get points according their votes and the final results with really cool prizes for the 10 first winners that go from a brick of decks to a immortalization of the user in a card into the UC annual edition deck (Grotesque).

The results for this Best Deck Contest are (I have added links to my articles where available):

  1. Best Ace of Spades: Federal 52, Empire, Fed 52 Reserve note
  2. Best Back Design: Empire, Federal 52, Draw like a boss & Royal Optik
  3. Best Court Cards: Federal 52, Federal 52 Reserve note, Bohemia & Venexania & Calaveras
  4. Best Pips: Empire, Calaveras, Royal Optik & Venexania & Platinum & Deco & Bohemia
  5. Best Jokers: Federal 52, Empire & Bohemia & Venexania
  6. Best Deck Series: Federal 52, Monarchs & Ornates
  7. Best Gaff Card: Whispering Imps, Grid 2.0, Empire
  8. Best Use of Colors: Emperor, Bohemia, Imperial
  9. Best Deck for Flourishing: Virts Launch, CARC Exquisite
  10. Best Deck for Fanning: Empire, Virts Launch Ed, CARC Exquisite
  11. Best Deck for Magic: Whispering Imps, Legends V1, CARC Exquisite
  12. Best Uncut Sheet: Federal 52 Black Reserve Note LE & Royal Optik, Bohemia & Federal 52 & Calaveras
  13. Best Tuck Box: Whispering Imps, Federal 52 Black Reserve Note LE & Blue Blood Redux
  14. Best Packaging: Uusi’s Wooden Box, Federal 52, Monarch 4-pack Box
  15. Best Deck Accessory: Imperial, Federal 52
  16. Best Innovation on a Deck of Playing Cards: Grid 2.0, Deco & Side-open tucks (CARC Exquisite & Espionage)
  17. Best Kickstarter Campaign: Federal 52 Part 1, Federal 52 part 2, Name of the Wind & Royal Optik
  18. BEST 2013 DECK: Federal 52, Federal 52 Black Reserve Note LE, Federal 52 Silver Cert

Despite of the huge number of playing cards designed and printed along last year, just a few appear many times in the hall of fame, all of them are very successful projects made by talented artists and all have been featured on Max Playing Cards. Of course, you don’t need to agree with this list, but this is the feeling of one of the most popular cardistry communities.

Next year there will be much more to choose among…