04 April

Jack in the Green Playing Cards. Nature and mythology full of color

Nic Carter is an artist with a taste for colorful. After creating Vivido, a beautiful and extravagant deck, he now launches JACK IN THE GREEN, inspired by the mythological nature and the seasons.




Each suit in the deck represents a different season of the year in which the court cards show different reversible jacks (with different faces depending on the orientation), one per season, and gods and goddesses of different European and Asian mythologies, from Persephone , Frigga, Ceres and Aranyani in queens to Veles, Hors, Viridios and Bacchus in kings.




Colorful faces perfectly fit with the very natural inspiration in back, with leaves and flowers, as well as a spring and autumn jokers that also decorate both sides of the case.


JackInTheGreen_back JackInTheGreen_jokers JackInTheGreen_twotuckfaces


As in previous decks, Nic will print this one with Make Playing Cards in a very limited run. If funding is higher, he could improve the cards quality.

If you like the design, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!

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