INCEPTION Playing Cards launch. The search for knowledge has begun

A few days ago I spoke about the work in progress by Jody Eklund (Black Ink Playing Cards), the third deck of the series dedicated to inventors: INCEPTION.

The campaign is on and some details have been changed so I will show you all the updated information and images. Like in the previous Innovation and Devastation successful campaigns, Inception decks talk about the human nature and the innate search for the knowledge. Specifically, these cards are inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci and his sketches. Symbols related to the great master’s obsession with Celtic knots are present too.




The designs are gorgeous, with Jody’s personal style and his expressive power. Elegant and detailed, the illustrations tell the story that transcends the cards themselves. The court cards show characters who have made history in the world of creation and knowledge.



Three decks are offered in this campaign: Intellectus, Inceptus and Illustratum. All three will share the same court cards excepting the kings of spades that, together with the aces of spades and backs will be different for each one. Intellectus will be blue, Inceptus will be brown and Illustratum will be the red. All tuck cases will have a nice copper foil on them.




The cards will be printed by LPCC and you can choose among several rewards including standard cards, numbered signature series and different add-ons (coins, cases, tees, …).

It is undoubtedly a work that demonstrates the growing maturity of the artist and something you cannot miss. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!