SIRENS Playing Cards relaunch. New printers and materials for a beautiful artwork

Perhaps you remember I talked one month ago about the SIRENS Playing cards. The creator decided to cancel the campaign (showing a honest behavior as it was already funded) to fix some potential issues with the printing process and relaunch when he was able to ensure everything would work smoothly with his backers. Just a few days ago, the new campaign was launched: SIRENS Playing Cards.

The campaign made by Jianhao Cai (Old Card Maker) remain basically the same in terms of artwork. The main changes are related to the paper stock and the company that will print the decks. Furthermore, there will be an extra deck as stretch goal. These are the main features that describe the new scenario in the project:

  • There will be two editions: Diamond and Ancient.
  • Diamond Edition will be printed by OCP’s own brand, self publishing, using a printer based in Canada (the same as the one that printed the prototypes for the campaign). For this deck, a rare White Gold Curious metallic paper with an interesting gold texture and color changes under the light will be used. The tuck case will also use the White Gold stock.




  • There will be a third deck, completely new and customized, called the Abysses Siren Edition, that will be unlocked as stretch goal.



  • Both Ancient and Abysses Siren Edition (if unlocked) will be printed by MPC

Beautiful but disturbing, a group of sirens illustrate the court cards with a truly original possession: each one has her own midgnight dragon, a fantastic creature that becomes part of her own identity.

Every card is a design and originality display, with many hidden stories, symbols and secrets, such as the keys in the back that unlock the aces that caught the babies of legendary sea monsters. Amazing designs to be admired in every single detail.


It will also have custom suits and a depicting the love affair between the Siren Witch and the Undead Captain.


Although both decks will share the illustrations, theylook quite different.

Along with the cards, exclusive posters and collection boxes can be obtained. Real pieces of art for demanding collectors. If you like what you see, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!