DEMONOLOGIE Playing Cards. It’s evil! … but it’s good

Inspired by ancient civilizations, old manuscripts and ancestral paintings, Emmanuel Valtierra has always offered us a very personal vision of millenary cultures. After five successful campaigns in which he has created a total of six decks, Emmanuel launches his new creation: DEMONOLOGIE.



Each of the court cards in the deck is dedicated to a character linked to evil. Demons, fallen angels or malignant creatures decorate the faces with an old book style and that well-known colorful touch of the artist. All the illustrations have been hand drawn and placed on the cards with an aged papyrus background.



The printer will be chosen based on the goal reached and the number of decks produced in the project, being Make Playing Cards for a print run under 700 decks and EPCC or LPCC for a higher print-run.

The campaign is already funded so if you want to get yours (or one of the previous ones still available), visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!