The Coven Playing Cards. Beautiful witches hiding their secrets behind a mask


Kirk Slater is the man behind 52 RAVENS, a new company devoted to playing cards creation and production. His very first project is The Coven Deck.



At a very fist glance, you see a careful design in an elegant monochromatic style, but when you go deeper in the details you discover something beautiful and disturbing at the same time.



Although the designs keeps the essence of the traditional playing cards, every element has been customized to fit in a magical atmosphere full of symbols and female characters. The queens are the only ones in the court cards that show their faces. All the rest are masked women hiding secrets. The card back shows dark ravens that are also present in the diptych joker and inside the tuck box like being desperate to fly away.



This is a nice deck that will be printed by the Expert Playing Cards Company, but it needs to be funded first, and there are only a few days left and it is over 90% funded, so do not hesitate to help this deck become reality and visit the project website to raise your pledge.

Good luck!