BICYCLE LAS VEGAS Playing Cards. Be dazzled by these neon lights

Bicycle brand is undoubtedly one of the most popular in the world and there are thousands of different designs, so it is not easy to create innovative artwork not seen so far. Today I will show you a new design inspired by the great city of casinos: BICYCLE LAS VEGAS.

From the hand of Gary Ljamin, an experienced and creative art director, this deck take inspiration from one of the most iconic elements of Las Vegas: neon lights.

Designed on black backgrounds, all the cards have been customized taking as a reference neon lights that play with their brights and colors. Court cards, aces, and numbered cards look like large illuminated panels with whimsical multi-color highlights.



Clean and simple lines are also used on a back of a sagacious symmetry formed by letters of different sizes. Cardisttry fans will love it!



Two different jokers and a special gaff card complete this fun and original set.



In addition to the standard deck, a second edition with a combination of yellow and purple has been unlocked. A third version still remains as stretch goal. Another interesting level to unlock is the “super-brick“: 12 decks (4 of each design) with a card that includes the name of the backer in neon lights.



If you like it, don’t hesitate to visit the project website and raise your pledge to make real this lit-up dream.

Good luck!