THE STAR KINGS decks. A space trip from graphic novel to playing cards

What is the relation between the martial arts coaching and the space opera playing cards design? Well, the answer is Serhii Sheludchenko, a Muay Thai and Full Contact Kickboxing coach by day and a fantasy space opera writer by night. He partnered the creative SVI group to create a new deck of cards: THE STAR KINGS.




Inspired by the graphic novelThe Warriors of Shambala” from “The Chronicles of Star Frontiers” series, the cards depict a wide variety of characters from the comic book. That comic style is present in the illustrations of the court cards with warriors from the outer space in a symmetrical structure. The numbered cards are simple and clean, with big custom pips that keeps a fantastic playability.


starkings_aces starkings_kings starkings_queens starkings_jacks starkings_numbered


There will be two editions, Light and Dark, with the same artwork and different card background and back. The print run will be limited and printed by Noir Arts (NPCC). Some stretch goals will unlock awesome features for the tuck case like embossing or foil.



Reasonable price (with worldwide free shipping) for these nice playing cards. If you like them, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!