JOLLY ROGER KRAKEN Playing Cards. The impressive giant octopus and its metallic beauty

While we recover from the union of elegance and technology in his latest campaign, Dominion Exquisite, the talented artist Jody Eklund (Black Ink Playing Cards) strikes again with a new and exciting creation, in a campaign with bold objects and spectacular designs: JOLLY ROGER KRAKEN.

The deck is inspired by epic sea adventures and the fight of the sea lions with the great monsters of the aquatic depths represented by the great Kraken, the giant octopus from Scandinavian mythology. Jody’s illustrations do not disappoint and show us dynamic characters on the court cards, defiant and daring in the face of the dangerous adventures that the sea brings them.



In addition to some fabulous and beautiful designs, Jody has, once again, counted for these decks on the technological advances provided by Legends Playing Cards Company, printing on a very thin paper foiled on both sides. This innovation, called full-foil,  allows them to play with colors layers creating different levels of reflectivity, carrying the traditional card foiling to a new level and guaranteeing their handling and the quality of the materials.

Regarding the tuck case, a 3d sculpted embossing technique is used, in which traditional plates are replaced by multi-layer handmade ones that will create and awesome rounded embossing. Both embossed and foiled elements are combined in a luxurious and elegant finish.

Three editions have been created for the campaign. The BLUE STANDARD (PARLEY) edition with premium paper and a beautiful box with sculpted embossing and full foil, and the RED LIMITED (CALYPSO) full-foil edition, which uses the double full-foil technology on cards faces and backs and embossed and full-foiled tuck case, both outside and inside. All decks will be limited to a 1200 print run.



In addition, a special GILDED (COXSWAIN) edition will be made.



As a precious collector’s item, a unique, numbered and limited signature case is offered, which will contain the three decks, with signed and gilded sleeves, in a box with magnetic closure.



Funded during the first few minutes, this campaign is undoubtedly going to be another big hit from Jody that you can’t miss. If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!