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14 August

CARIBBEAN WIND Playing Cards. Board them!

The difference between a pirate and a corsair is not trivial. Although both are fearsome sailors who attack and loot other ships, the corsairs do it with a permit granted by a government (the Letter of marque) while the pirates do it just for pure personal enrichment. William Kidd was tried and executed as a pirate although some historians claim that he was a corsair of William II of England. Be that as it may, the adventures of Captain Kidd…

25 May

BLACKTALES Playing Cards. A very traditional pirates

Eduardo “Ed” Méndez is a designer based in Santiago de Chile that has worked in brand and websites designing for several years. Ed has had the interesting initiative of creating a deck of cards as the hallmark of his new designing and professional promotion adventure as Ed. M. Crown: BLACK TALES. Ed has worked for more than a year on this deck looking for a balanced design, which would please all card fans. Thus, he wanted to keep the traditional…

11 January

ACE TREASURE PIRATES Playing Cards. A deck with wooden leg and eyepatch

His talent, generosity and ability to overcome difficulties has made  Justin Hussain (Ace Collectable Cards) a good friend and one of the favorite artists of Max Playing Cards. His creative thirst is tireless and constantly evolves. All his decks show fantastic illustrations that tell their own stories. Now he brings us his latest creation: ACE TREASURE PIRATES.     All the elements of an authentic pirate novel are mixed with the beautiful playing cards inspiration to achieve a perfect combination. Each…

03 August

Relaunch of the Seven Seas Master Collection Playing Cards. The definitive campaign for the definitive collection

One month ago I told you about the last campaign by Brain Vessel Studios who presented a deck collection illustrated by Jason Kreiger and co-produced by Douglas Koozer. Although the funding goal was almost reached, the creators decided to cancel the project to ensure its proper fulfillment after its completion. Therefore, they have relaunched the Seven Seas Master Collection campaign with lower funding goal (exactly the half) and more and better control over the different add-ons.     The campaign goes on providing a…

18 October

Bicycle Steampunk Pirates: three decks and five days left

  A few days ago I published an interview with Nat Iwata because of the launch of his latest deck : Bicycle Steampunk Pirates. The campaign, as predicted, has been a success and with just 7 days left to the end, it has already achieved almost twice its original funding goal. Throughout the campaign, Nat has offered not just a deck, but three, and several cool add-ons. The three decks are actually the same cards, but two of them are…

12 September

The story behind Nat Iwata’s work and his new deck: Steampunk Pirates

  Nat Iwata is a talented designer of playing cards. He begun in Kickstarter with a cool Steampunk Alphabet book, and he decided to enter in the playing cards design business with his Bicycle Steampunk Cthulhu project. After that success, he created the Bicycle Elves and Orcs deck and now he is going to release a new deck: Bicycle Steampunk Pirates. I talked to him about the story behind him and his work and this is what he told to…