IMPORTED Playing Cards. A deck that connects the past and the present

Sometimes, we come across decks that, at first glance, may seem like one thing and that a closer look reveals interesting discoveries. This is the case of IMPORTED.

This deck, developed by Alex Haines, is a tribute to the history of playing cards, with a look to the past but with a modern and functional design.



In addition to its elegant touch, the deck has been completely customized, with carefully chosen stamped details on the aces.



The court cards have been drawn from scratch based on designs from the mid-20th century.



The back breathes classicism in an elaborate monochrome design.



Two beautiful jokers complete the set.



The IMPORTED deck is an interesting piece, perfect for collectors, card players and design lovers. It is a deck that will transport you through time and space, connecting the past and the present in a unique and fascinating way.

In addition to its custom retro design, the deck will be printed by Legends with its Viper finish, making it perfect for card magic and cardistry as well.

If you want to enjoy this ode to the rich history of playing cards, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!