15 April

Bicycle Fireworks Deck. Playing Cards for the perfect Grand Finale


Card backs with several color schemes allow the creation of flashy fans that many cardists and magicians love in his tricks. Collectable Playing Cards has launched a deck with a real color explosion: BICYCLE FIREWORKS.

This deck uses colorful representations of fireworks in the back and also reinterprets the traditional cards using multicolor faces. It is definitely a deck that will not go unnoticed in any game or magic effect.



As in almost all previous projects, the cards will be printed by the USPCC and Bicycle branded. It will be distributed during the summer with the usual seriousness Collectable Playing Cards shows to backers.

If you like the deck, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!




About the Author

I'm Max, a collector and passionate about playing cards. Since 2012 I try to spread this passion to everyone who goes through Max Playing Cards. In my articles I do not just talk about cards, as I try to look for the stories and the human beings behind them.

I would like to complete my collection of Bicycle decks some day, but now I know that is impossible ...