HellsGate Deck. The Selfsame Satan’s Playing Cards


After showing us the beautiful and disturbing creatures of the Chinese mythology in Sishou, Alvin Cheung brings us a new deck inspired by the Devil: Hellsgate.

Alvin makes use of his talent to design a demonic reinterpretation of the poker cards where everything refers to malignant elements: skulls, horns, spirits… all are present in an intricate and full of evil energy design.



Legends Playing Card Company will be responsible for printing the two editions released in this project. The standard edition, with a combination of more traditional colors, white backgrounds and a cleaner design and the limited edition, with black backgrounds and an inverted monochromatic scheme for faces in yellow and red.

Both decks will be printed using the diamond finish by LPCC and will have embossed tuck cases and an interior decoration as well as a custom seal which will be numbered in the limited edition.

The campaign has already been funded so if you do not want to miss these hot decks, I suggest you to visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!