ÆSIRr GOLD Playing Cards. Finally all the gods and goddesses in a deck


Doug Frye created Aesir, a deck inspired  inspired by a Viking prophecy that predicted the doomsday by the end of February 2014. As the prophecy was not fulfilled, Doug could distribute his decks to everyone and card fans could enjoy his artwork. Although the original deck had a blue back, Doug created a second deck with red back where the queen of hearts, Nanna,  was replaced by Freya and Thor changed his hair color Thor following a controversy between those who thought the hair should be blond and those who said it should be red. Now, Doug has launched a new project: Æsir GOLD.

In this deck Doug has created a new version that takes advantage of the extra cards to include all the characters in the same deck. Thus, the Gold Aesir will have two queens of hearts (Nanna and Freya) and two kings of clubs (haired red and haired blonde Thors). Furthermore, the background of the faces are the original one (instead of just white).



For this deck, Doug has designed a simple campaign with a very low funding goal because the deck will be distributed by Gambler’s Warehouse and printed by Liberty Playing Cards, so the minimum print runs are really affordable.

If you already have previous decks, you can’t miss this and if you don’t, you can get them in this campaign as add-ons. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!