Bicycle Æsir red deck. Red back, red hair


I was talking some weeks ago about the Æsir deck, inspired by a Viking prophecy that predicted the doomsday by the end of February.



Fortunately, the prophecy was not fulfilled, and the campaign was funding. The funding goal allowed Doug, the creator, to print it as a Bicycle branded deck. But there wasn’t funding enough for the second deck (the red backed one) so he has launched the second campaign: Bicycle Æsir Red deck.



The red deck is not exactly the same as the blue one with a different back color, but it has several differences:

  • Nanna, the Queen of Hearts for the blue deck, is on the tuck box for the red deck.
  • The Queen of Hearts for this deck will be Freya, Norse goddess of love and fertility.
  • After some discussion with experts, it seems Thor is mentioned in the history with blond and with red hair so in the red deck, Thor will have red hair after being a blond for the blue deck.



Both decks will be printed and delivered at the same time so the backers of both projects will receive both versions together and the shipping costs will be slightly lower, something that specially international backers will celebrate.



Visit the project website to get more info and raise your pledge.

Good luck!