NIPPONIA Playing Cards. A deck “about Japan”

It was Japanese history and culture which led to Kieran Alexander’s interest in Japan and his first trip to that beautiful country, and also the inspiration for the deck he has just relaunched: NIPPONIA Playing Cards.

This project has been a little over a year in the making and is finally ready for printing. Kieran tried to fund it some weeks ago but he finally decided to move to another project with a more affordable funding goal.

‘Nipponia’ means ‘about Japan’. Japanese samurai, kunoichi (female ninja) and oiran (entertainers) are featured on the court cards in this custom deck of poker sized playing cards. The card back represents a shoji (sliding door) with a bamboo design along with traditional emblems.


Nipponia_The Four Jacks RevisedNipponia_The Four Queens revised Nipponia_The Four Kings revised


Apart from the standard pips and indexes, Japanese traditional numeric characters mirror their traditional counterparts in the top right and bottom left of each card.



The deck will be printed by NoirArts Playing Cards Company, that is becoming a quite popular printer for those who need quality decks with a very reasonable price. In fact, reward prices are really good having in mind their average lately.

Check the project and help the creator to get this deck printed. He will also listen to your suggestions so visit the project website and let’s make this deck something really special.

Good luck!