MIDDLE KINGDOM BLACK BICYCLE deck. Chinese culture and tradition now in black

Just a month ago I spoke about the new deck by Doug Fire, the Middle Kingdom Bicycle deck. During the campaign there was a stretch goal to produce a second deck: the black edition. Although the campaign was successfully funded, unfortunately it didn’t reach that goal but Doug has decided to launch a second campaign to fund the BICYCLE MIDDLE KINGDOM BLACK DECK.



The deck, inspired by ancient Chinese culture, is now in black, more elegant and bold. With the same design but with a higher contrast and strength, the black deck has also changed the back and the tuck case to fit the overall black design.



Furthermore, this campaign offers a edition with gilded edges, two different coins and the possibility of getting the original white deck.




A great opportunity for lost or distracted backers to complete the set.

It is going really well so do not hesitate, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!