The Book of Shadows. The tarot cards of an alchemist in a parallel world


Andrea Aste is one of those artists who captivates you from the first moment you talk to him. He is one of those artists who transcend beyond his own work. An art lover in all its expressions: painting, theater, drawing, poetry … never fails to explore new artistic adventures.

The result of his restless spirit is The Book of Shadows, an exciting project of a parallel world, inspired by the Renaissance, in which the artist has worked and researched for years, to carry us the result of his work as an artist, writer, director and graphic designer.

The project starts from a story of an alchemist working to create a mysterious manuscript and a tarot deck of cards full of symbols and secret codes. The atmosphere created around this story is disturbing and exciting, mysterious and beautiful.



The mystery of these codes are not just scribbles, but the result of a thorough investigation on similar elements of ancient civilizations and esoteric languages, as well as from the expert knowledge of linguists, sociologists and historians to give the project a solid documented basis.



As material resulting from the project, the artist will create a documentary film that mixes reality and fiction of this parallel world and ours own world. In addition, he will produce the two key elements of the story: the manuscript and the tarot deck.



It is therefore an interesting project for lovers of art, design, philosophy, history and, of course, Tarot cards. For this Tarot, Andrea has made his own interpretation of the classic tarot arcana, as the alchemist would have done himself.

Enjoy the images and videos and if you like what you see, please visit  the project website and get your magical tarot, created by the hand of an alchemist in a parallel and mysterious world. Of course, you can also pledge for the manuscript and the documentary.

Good luck!