DEVASTATION SILVER Playing Cards. The new and exclusive edition

After doing it with the special Blue Innovation, Jody Eklund (Black Ink Playing Cards), revisits an exclusive edition of one of his best and most acclaimed decks: DEVASTATION SILVER EDITION.

With this campaign Jody recovers a fabulous design inspired by the use of weapons of mass destruction along the different periods of history. It is a fantastic reflection on the innate (and contradictory) human need of using weapons to kill their own kind.

The cards depict the two sides of a coin made by those who created the weapons and those who worked to mitigate their devastating effects. The designs are beautiful and intricate, with a really stunning combination of colors in the tuck case and illustrations with Jody’s usual style simulating engravings and lithographs. For this edition, there is a color change in the back and the pips have been redesigned.

The biggest change is in the tuck case. with an impressive embossing, a silver foil on a really elegant black stock and a central circular die-cut that shows the back inside.



It is an exclusive edition for backers in Kickstarter that has been presented in three different formats. The standard deck, printed by Legends in a minimum print-run of 1000 units, can be embellished with a very elegant signature sleeve also embossed and foiled that will be also signed and numbered by hand. A beautiful individual leather case engraved with the company’s logo will be also offered. Finally, the Signature Edition will include two decks with their signature sleeves inside a luxurious double wooden case with hot-stamped foil.



All the elements can be addded separately and only during the campaign time. If you like it, do not hesitate, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!