COBRA cards from JP Games. Let it bite you

Apart from their well-known LUXX series, JP Playing Cards (JP Games) don’t stop working on other own produced decks. The most recent one is COBRA.

For COBRA, JP has counted again on the talent of Rick Davidson. With an idea based on versatility, JP’ head, Paul Middleton, was looking for a reference to some of his favorite decks (such as DCM’s Elites or T11’s Monarchs) that would be interesting for any kind of customer.

The design of the faces basically follows the traditional scheme, with small modifications that include larger pips and the use of metallic gold ink to enhance the court cards. The ace of spades and the jokers also use gold ink and have been customized with designs alluding to the cobra.



On the back, different representations of the poisonous snake coil in a symmetrical design formed by intricate patterns and some natural elements, all in white on an intense burgundy red.



Red is also the color of the paper used in the tuck case, with no more ornaments than a beautiful representation of a gold foiled and embossed cobra, also used in the back of the tuck without foil.



The deck has been printed by Carta Mundi on the B9 paper used in popular decks for flourishes and magic. Its softness and handling along with its classic scheme, make this deck perfect for flourishing and games. In addition, magicians can enjoy two extra gaff cards (double back and blank face) for their card magic routines.

A quality and very elegant deck that you can get at the JP Games store.