ARRCO US Regulation 2018 Playing Cards. The historical standard now updated in a limited edition

Since it was first introduced in 1933 by the Arrow Playing Card Co. at the Chicago World’s Fair, a turning point between the industrialization and cultural exchange eras, until the company was bought in 1987 by the USPCC, its rival of 60 years, the ARRCO brand was always a quality reference for magicians and players.



The latest version of the ARRCO US Regulation cards was printed by the USPCC in 2011, already established in its factory in Erlanger (Kentucky). Nevertheless, there are still card fans who remember with nostalgia the handling and quality of the previous editions. Now, Will Roya ( has got the approval from the USPCC to reprint this legendary deck: ARRCO US Regulation 2018.



For this reprint of both decks (with red and blue backs) all the original designs remain the same and only some slight changes have been made to adapt it, on the one hand, to the production requirements by the USPCC (new formats and templates) and have included, on the other hand, 2 gaff cards (different in each color edition) and a tuck case revelation, thinking primarily about the magicians and their card routines.



It will be, therefore, a standard deck, with the traditional cut printed on the classic Bicycle paper. An interesting alternative to standard cards with an updated touch. and a limited edition of 2,500 decks of each color.

The project is already funded so if you like it, you can visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!